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Wholsale Supply

We supply exceptional single origin and bespoke blends to help your business stand out and keep your customers coming back for more. 

At Darwin Coffee we source the finest green coffee beans from around the world. These beans are carefully selected based on their quality, flavour profile, and sustainability practices.

Why choose Darwin Coffee for your roasted coffee beans?

  1. Consistency of flavour profile: Every batch roast follows a specific roast profile for that particular product, and is roasted to order to ensure consistency and freshness.

  2. Roasting Excellence: We take personal pride and satisfaction in the artisan nature of the speciality roasting method.  We source the best beans and only use best in class equipment to roast our beans to perfection, unlocking their full flavour potential.

  3. Sustainability: We are committed to ethical sourcing and environmentally friendly practices, supporting the coffee farmers we source from whilst protecting our planet.

  4. Customizable Options: Whether you prefer light, medium, or dark roast, we offer a variety of roast levels and blends to suit you and your customers' preferences.


Our offer - your choice

  • Single-Origin Coffee: experience the unique flavours of beans from around the world.  In addition, we are happy to discuss sourcing from particular regions to suit your style (subject to minimum order requirements).

  • Blends: Our expertly crafted blends offer balanced and harmonious taste profiles and we can offer bespoke blends (subject to minimum order requirements).

  • Decaffeinated Coffee: Enjoy the rich flavour of our decaffeinated coffee beans without compromising on taste.  At Darwin coffee we NEVER use solvents (as used in paint stripper / nail varnish removers) based decaffeinated coffees - only coffee decaffeinated using water and CO2 (aka sparkling water method) which helps maintain the complex flavour compounds within the bean.  This is a key selling point and we are happy to provide marketing materials to explain this point for your customers.


Ordering & Pricing

We offer competitive wholesale pricing for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a coffee shop, restaurant, or retailer, we've got you covered with flexible ordering options.

  • Bulk Discounts: Save more when you order in larger quantities.

  • Fast Shipping: We pride ourselves on prompt and reliable delivery to ensure your coffee beans arrive fresh.

  • Bespoke Labelling: Elevate your brand with custom packaging and labeling options available.


Get Started Today

Contact us today to request a sample or place your wholesale order.  We are here to assist you every step of the way.

Contact Information​

Join Us on Our Coffee Journey

Follow us on social media for the latest updates, coffee tips, and brewing techniques. Let's brew something great together!

  • Instagram: @DarwinCoffeeUK

  • Facebook: /Darwin Coffee


We look forward to helping you create unique, memorable coffee experiences for your customers that will keep them coming back for more.

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