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The natural selection for great tasting, sustainable coffee

Darwin Coffee is a speciality coffee roaster based in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

We source our green coffee beans from small, sustainably run farms and plantations worldwide.

Our aim is to supply great tasting freshly roasted coffee, sustainably, and at a fair price to our customers and the coffee farmers we source from.

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Welcome to Darwin Coffee - the natural selection for great-tasting, sustainable coffee.

We source our green coffee from small coffee farms around the world via our speciality coffee merchant partners.  The coffees we offer are chosen for their great taste and quality across a range of palettes from bright, tropical and fruity, to rich chocolate and caramel. 

Each coffee is roasted to a unique profile to enhance the depth and character of flavour and to suit particular extraction methods.  More details can be found on the specific coffee pages.

The coffee merchants we work with specialise in building long-term relationships with local communities they source from to help improve living and environmental standards.  Each coffee page on our site provides details of the socio-economic and environmental initiatives promoted in those communities.

Finally, based in Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Darwin, we are committed to providing high-quality coffees sustainably - building mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers and customers.  Our commitment to sustainability even extends to delivering to local customers in and around Shrewsbury in the old-fashioned way on a bike!

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Picture of Keef


Chief Roaster

Keith (Keef to his friends) is a Chartered Engineer who has worked in the environmental sector for almost 30 years - 25 of them in Shrewsbury.  He set up Darwin Coffee with his wife Jenny in 2023, after training at the London School of Coffee, with the ambition of providing high quality speciality roasted coffee whilst providing sustainable benefits to the coffee growers and harvesters in their own local communities.

Keef’s other interests are running, (when his knees allow)  hiking, and cycling the hills and valleys around Shropshire; playing sport (very badly); and playing clarinet (almost as badly) in the Shrewsbury Symphony Orchestra.

He is always happy to chat about coffee so if you have any questions about the coffees on our site (or other types of coffee), brewing methods, source information, roasting, or anything else (not even coffee related!!) please get in touch through the website contact information.



Our aims at Darwin Coffee are to:


Bring you great, single source speciality roasted coffees at a fair price;


Benefit the coffee farmers we source our beans from, and the communities and environments they live in;


Provide a low-carbon, sustainable, and quality service to our customers.

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